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Kinds Produkter optimizing pipe guiding

Use case

Kinds Produkter AB

Increased efficiency and large savings realized through 3D-printing


Kindsprodukter AB is a producer of injection molded and extruded parts and products. Their main customers come from the automotive industry, construction and the consumer goods industry. They have been around since the 1980s and holds several proprietary product solutions.

The challenge

One of the company’s main products are the modular and bent pipes for the construction and electrical industries, for which they have a special fitting solution. For that to work, they need to have the pipes post-processed after extrusion in a custom made machine. The problem with this machine has for a long time been that it from time to time misses the entry slot to where the pipes get re-formed. That yields a fair amount of scrap which could lead to stops, and therefore there is a need for regular manual inspection. Over time, this scrap and the occasional stops add up to a significant lost value. This has been an issue for some time, and a solution was needed. Therefore, they contacted Add North 3D to get help with a custom-fit solution.

The solution

Quickly, it was identified by the machine operator that in order to never miss the mark, something was needed that can guide the pipe to the right place even though it’s slightly misaligned when grabbed by the robot arm. The team at Add North 3D therefore came up with a design that guides the pipes, printed in add:north AduraX for maximum durability and precision. Since the solution was implemented, the scrap and surveillance has been cut significantly which has resulted in great savings over time.

“The solution had to be impact resistant, durable and form stable enough to handle the constant collisions with the pipes. We printed the parts with AduraX and the printed part seems undamaged so far, even after having guided a couple of thousand pipes”

Future outlook

The company has already identified several new components to 3D-print that will make life easier for the employees while increasing efficiency and saving money. Their 3D-printing journey has only begun.

"This has really opened up our minds to the possibilities of 3D printed parts to support production efficiency. We also realize that with the right materials, the scope is largely expanded for what can be done”


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