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Textura™ Flare

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An unbeatable mattness combined with glitter effect gives Textura™ Flare a completely unique surface which makes it the market's most refined bioplastic, especially designed for architects and designers who want to get the maximum result from each print.
  • "Textura™ Flare is the perfect filament to print my designed jewelry"

    Karin Andersson, jewelry designer
    Textura™ Flare is a bioplastic reinforced with plant fiber and glitter effect which gives very aesthetic visual properties. It can be used much like PLA but with slightly lower temperatures. With this filament, the 3D prints are taken to a new visual level. It is trouble-free to print, very easy to post process and to color with many types of paint. The plant fiber filler, which creates the matte surface, also makes the layers barely visible without compromising on the detail of the print.

    Material properties

    Visual properties

    Low color depth
    High color depth




    Buy in webshop
    Textura ™ has been developed specifically for architects who place high demands on the appearance of the printouts. With a surface that rather brings to mind plaster rather than plastic, this material expands the boundaries of what a 3D printer can be used for.
    • "Awesome material, gets really neat! Many have thought that the black is carbon fiber, and are impressed when they are told that it is a bioplastic!"

      Tino Karazeimbekis, Sweco Architects
      Textura ™ is designed for makers who want very matte prints where the layers are hidden, which gives the print a feeling of not being 3D-printed and made of anything other than plastic. This bioplastic is the perfect alternative for anyone who wants to get the best out of their prints.


      Visuella egenskaper

      Low color depth
      High color depth


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